ESADE BAN is interested in receiving entrepreneurs' projects that have: a strong management team; a growth strategy for the next few years; a product or competitive service; a suitable business model and marketing plan. Applicant firms’ financial forecasts must offer investors good profit prospects.

Submitted projects must seek funding of over €100,000 from private investors.



ESADE BAN offers entrepreneurs:

- A high project profile among investors.

- Swift response.

- Project evaluation by a committee of experts.

- Easier access to public funding through ESADE BAN’s existing collaboration agreements.



ESADE BAN uses an Internet-based software application for receiving Business Plans and ancillary documents. The steps in the process are:


1.- First, click on this link for the registration form. Once you have registered, you should provide the basic information requested on your company. Please fill in all the requested information carefully. The one-page document created with this information (project sheet) is the most important and effective way of attracting the interest of ESADE BAN investors. On your project profile (Your Private Site) you must complete all the following sections:

     1.Company Profile

     2.Business Summary

     3.Financial Information (five-year economic forecast)

     4. Pitch (attach ten-minute PowerPoint presentation or PDF about the project)

     5.Documents (attach project team's CV, a signed copy of the ESADE BAN terms and conditions and any other documents you feel are relevant)

    6.Supplemented Material


All six sections must be completed for us to be able to study your proposal. Otherwise, we will not have the full information to accept your project at ESADE BAN. On receiving your application we will start the admission procedure. Once admitted, it will be visible to the ESADE BAN investors.

The terms and conditions must be accepted in order to participate in the Investment Forum. Please consult them by clicking here (download them and send as attached documents on the online platform).


2.- Once the project has been accepted for consideration by ESADE BAN, you will receive confirmation and a request for further information. Participate in the Investment Forum implies the acceptance of participation bases, read them here.


3.- From this point on, the project will be visible to all ESADE BAN members.


4.- An ESADE BAN Committee of Experts will evaluate the projects received and select ones for presentation at Investment Forums.