South African Foods in Perth, Australia


If you are a South African living in Perth, at some point you miss home. A lot! You miss your friends and family. You miss the food. You miss the sunny afternoons drinking at the beach, the never-ending summer, and the freedom of being young.

Then you realize that all these things might not be available in Australia, but the Best South African Food in Perth can help! 

In this article, we bring South Africa to Perth. We have a recommendation that will give you a taste of South African food here in Perth.

The Taste of South Africa in Perth

South African food is popular in Perth, Australia. The native South Africans have an immense love for traditional South African cuisine. South African cuisine is a melting pot of different cultures. South Africans are very proud of their culture and heritage, which shows in their food. It is not surprising to see many restaurants serving traditional South African dishes. South African cuisine has a strong influence from Dutch colonists and British colonists.

Popular South African Foods that You can Enjoy in Perth, Australia

South African food is a blend of European and African influences. You will find many traditional recipes with European names like “bunny chow” and “pap en vleis” on the menu at South African restaurants in Perth. Not long ago, some dishes were only available in South Africa. But now, the time has changed. You can enjoy mouthwatering South African foods while sitting on your comfortable couch in Perth, Australia.

The following are some of the in-demand South African foods:

Beef Biltong

Beef biltong is a South African dried meat snack. The traditional recipe includes beef, which is minced and then spiced before it’s dried in the sun for a few days. Biltong can be served with cheese and tomato sauce as an appetizer or eaten as a snack on its own.

Braai Meat

A braai is a South African way of cooking food over open coals. It is common in South Africa and getting popular in other countries too. The best thing about making a braai is that you can use any type of meat. Braai Meat is a famous South African food. You can use beef, chicken, lamb, or pork. The popular combination of Braai Meat serving is with chakalaka. 


Potjies are a traditional South African dish and one of the most popular food items among native Africans. The name means “little pot,” and it’s made in a cast iron pot that is placed over an open fire. You can compliment Potjies with different meats, such as lamb or chicken, but Potjies make a perfect combination with some vegetable side dish, like potato salad or coleslaw.


A boerewors roll, also known as a vetkoek, is a savory pastry from South Africa. The dough is yeast-raised, which means it has been allowed to rise until it is light and fluffy. After this process, the dough can be rolled into various shapes and baked in an oven until cooked properly. Vetkoek is often eaten with tomato sauce or gravy. It also goes by other foods such as pap (maize porridge) or meat products like sausages or boerewors.


Droewors is a South African snack food made from beef, coriander, salt, pepper, and a curing agent. People eat it with bread, fruit, and salad. It is one of the signature food items of South Africa.

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